Liechtenauer, Notes on L16-27

For studying Ringeck, I am using both the Tobler and Lindholm/Svärd translations. Since they present the text in a different order, I am using Master Liechtenauer’s verse as a cross reference. Using the version found on pages 2-7 of Tobler, I have numbered the verses starting with "Young knight learn". So numbered, there are 235 lines.

Lines 16-19 appear to be translated more literally in Tobler. While I don’t speak German (yet), I can recognize enough words to see that Lindholm is adding his own words. This is troubling, as any bias that Lindholm has will be unduly reflected in his translation, or should I say interpretation.



This passage is pretty clear even without Ringeck’s commentary. Lindholm doesn’t even offer any commentary and Tobler merely agrees.


If attacking from the right, the left foot should start forward and the attack be made with a passing step. Likewise, if attacking from the left the right foot should be forward and the pass performed with the left foot.



Lindholm translates this as "zecke to the head and body and shun nothing", Tobler as "To the head, to the body, the twitches do not shun". This changes the meaning a bit. Lindholm’s version could be read as twitches could be used anywhere (shun nothing), while Tobler’s version sounds more like they target the head and body specifically.

My own interpretation, and I’m going out on a limb here, is that Liechtenauer is really trying to say that you shouldn’t target just the arms with twitches. I believe this because twitches work so well against the arms his students were forgetting that they could also be used against the head an body. Or perhaps he says this because in order to do so you have to close.


Don’t fight defensively, always make the first move and don’t let up until you win. If needed, throw a series of light blows to keep your opponent on the defensive.

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