Fabris, Notes on Chapter 11

Cavazione de tempo: To avoid a beat by moving the sword from one side to the other.

Contracavazione: To counter a cavazione with your own cavazione, ending on the same side you started.

Ricavazione: To counter a contracavazione with yet another cavazione.

Half-cavazione: To stop under the point and return to the original source, usually done as a response to the opponent’s movements

A cavazione should follow a forward oval motion, so in the end you have completed the trust. If done correctly, the only response your opponent can make without getting hit is a contracavazione.

If you opponent tries to find your sword without moving his feet, perform a cavazione. He will try to use the tempo to perform a contracavazione, but you can perform a ricavazione and wound him.

Some will try to trick you into performing a cavazione so that they can attack in a straight line. In this situation, return to the original side and place your hilt against his debole while pushing a thrust. Do this when you think you opponent’s point will be past you before you complete the cavazione. Make sure you move your body out of the way.

The half-cavazione is not normally an initial attack. Depending on distance, it is usually the second or third move.

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