Fabris, Chapter 16

Against the shorter

Base your advantage on your reach. Keep your sword free and don’t let him into his range.

Stay on the offensive.

If he closes, either attack or feint immediately. Then quickly retreat back out of his measure.

Don’t pass. If he passes, break measure and threaten him with your point to discourage future passing.

You don’t need to find your opponent’s sword, but it helps.

Against the taller

Lie in wait and find your opponent’s sword.

Once inside measure and with a tempo, you must attack with a pass. By this point you are pass the point and cannot safely retreat unless your opponent is way off-line.

The taller person is usually slower at moving his sword and has larger openings, as he has more to cover. Rely on the fact that you have small, easily defended openings.

Once you get past his point you are much safer.

Against the weaker

Base everything on finding the sword. You can push through your opponent’s blade as he moves to parry.

Use firm-footed attacks, as they let you easily go back to controlling the opponent’s sword and forcing him to move it.

Or pass in and grapple.

Against the stronger

Don’t let your opponent find your sword.

Don’t parry, his debole may be stronger than your forte. Exception: when your strongest part is against his weakest part.

Don’t parry, even if you are successful you won’t be able to easily counter-attack. Void instead.

Don’t get too close and use withdraws when avoiding a thrust. You can still parry cuts by going forward.

Keep your point up so that he cannot pass. If he passes into you, he will bump you and disrupt your stance.

Never close measure, instead offer invitations. When he attacks, retreat slightly, place your point in an opening, and let him stab himself.

If your opponent passes under false pretenses, that is you are able to retreat just out of measure, he will be open and easily attacked.

All in all, play the waiting game.

Against the hot tempered

Approach and tempt him into making an attack.

Don’t grapple, just keep annoying him until me makes a mistake and you can either meet him with a thrust or withdraw and parry/counter before he passes.

Against the cool-headed

Watch for deception as you attack. Stay calm and consider what he can do.

No matter what, don’t underestimate your opponent and always remain cautious.

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