Intro to Partisan – Basic Stance

  1. Starting at attention, hold the partisan in either hand at the balance point. For the sake of argument, assume that it is the right hand.
  2. Perform a slight bow (revarance sp?) by sliding your right foot backwards and leaning forwards at the waist. At the same time, dip the iron slightly.
  3. With the left hand, grab the haft just above the right.
  4. As you stand, slide the right hand down until it is almost at the pedal and take a small step with the left foot.

At this point you should have a wide stance with your left hand and foot forward. Your arms, especially your right arm, is held far from your body. There is probably a good foot of distance between hand and hip. Your left hand is turned knuckles up and, just like a sword, you are looking through the iron at your opponent.

This stance requires that the partisan cross your body. If the partisan is parallel to your line of vision, then it cannot protect you.

Your right hand will be knuckles down, your left hand knuckles up.

Your inside line (your left side) should be completely defended.

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