Intro to Partisan – Basic Cuts

Cut with hands in place

Small increase of the foot combined with a cut. Similar to the thrust Punta Portata.

This will be horizontal from the outside to the inside, diagonal, or downward. It will normally not be from below or the inside, both are too slow.

Cut with an exchange

Like the Punta Cambiata, this is done with a passing step and an exchange of the hands.

Start by pushing off with the rear hand, keeping the front hand cupped over the haft the entire time. This is vital, as you may need to redirect the cut at any time. Don’t just throw it out and hope you can later catch it.

Once your hands reach the point of exchange, take the passing step.


  1. The agent lowers his point to expose his head.
  2. The patient attacks, the agent parries. This will expose the agent’s outside line.
  3. The patient disengages to the outside and makes a second attack.
  4. The agent blocks this using the standard outside parry.
  5. Using an off-side step, the agent follows with a cut of the exchanged hands.
  6. The agent then retreats into a good guard on the opposite side.
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