Revisiting Finding the Blade

First and foremost, watch your range. You should be able to attack when the 4th part of the swords cross. If you wait until the swords are in the 3rd or 2nd parts, that is the middle of the blades, it is way too late. Problems caused by this include:

  • You have revealed your intention to constrain the blade.
  • You are won’t have time to properly react.
  • You have exposed yourself numerous times getting to that point.
  • You can’t perform a proper lunge and have to work with just an extension of the arm.
  • It is much easier for your opponent to take control of you blade.

Problem Fighter #1

Problem Fighter 1 is a leftie that doesn’t like being constrained. When he realizes that it is happening, he rolls over the top of the blade and throws both swords into the ground.

To avoid this, don’t constrain too deeply. Once the blade is found, make the attack. If you don’t give him enough sword in the first place, there is no way he can throw it to the ground.

Problem Fighter #2

Problem Fighter 2 is also a leftie. He fights with the left foot forward, the left hand and sword held back, and the right hand forward. He has a very strong parry with the hand.

The first thing is to learn to disengage the hand. Don’t go straight in and give him the sword, make him fight for it. Try feinting for his right shoulder, then attack his left. Or feint for the head, but strike the belly with an imbrocatta. With his sword held in reserve, you have the advantage of time and angle. Don’t worry about his sword and concentrate on getting a good strike in past his hand.

Problem Fighter #3

This too is a left-handed fencer. He is a problem because he won’t let you circle to the right and if you circle to the left he knows your timing. No matter what, he keeps you trapped on your outside, which is his inside.

Don’t circle. Just find the 4th quarter of his sword and attack. If he won’t let you constrain his sword, disengage under his and attack his left flank. If he parries it will force you to his outside, where you want to be anyways.

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