Francesco Alfieri’s Mista Guardia (Mixed Guard)

I have come to the Mista Guardia (Mixed Guard) I found, and which I talked about in the first part, its nature is to participate in the third and fourth and this consists in knowing to fix the hand of the sword and the arm, providing that the step is both narrow and wide and the right foot is light, shifted to operate by that body weight back above his left leg, and the tip of the sword concerns I create divisions, because of the strong and weak sword will find themselves closer to defend themselves, and hurt as we see in opposing figures 6 and 7.

With this Guard you can resists a long time in duels with little force with the body, and with weapons, and all account is beneficial.

The counter-guard, High, Low; High and with the swords into a, b, low with topmost c, d, pursuing the posture of the enemy so much finding her in first, second, and in art guards.

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