Possible Simulators for Marozzo’s Partisan

As I currently lack access to a translation the best I can offer is my half-remembered lessons.

Practical – Metal

This is the spear being used in SCA Rapier Spears program. It isn’t the prettiest thing in the world, but the program has a focus on safety over accuracy and flexibility the extra long iron is useful. Plus the pin holding it together can be removed, making it easier to transport.


Note: The SCA only permits the 5’ haft.

Practical – Rubber

You can get a rubber spear head from Revival Enterprises for about $40. They also sell ash hafts for about $50, but don’t bother. The proper price for a 1.25” x 8’ octagonal cut ash pole is 16 dollars from a home and garden center.


This is similar to the plates, but alas none of the show a full image of the weapon.



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