Meyer’s Pike – Guards Part 1

The pike’s length makes it a usual weapon its guards reflect it. It is the only weapon I’ve seen thus far that actually requires you to support it with your body rather than just your hands. There are six primary guards in Meyer’s system for pikes. Unsurprisingly, their names match those of the longsword.

Oberhut – High Guard

With the middle guard the pike is held by the butt in the right hand at the flank. The left arm is extended so that the point is high in the air. From the plate it appears to be roughly a 45-degree angle.

There doesn’t appear to be any plate illustrating this guard, but see the next two guards that also have the right hand at the flank.

Mittlehut– Middle Guard

The middle guard is the same as the high guard, except that the point is aimed at the opponents face.


Field Guard Variant

This is a variant of the middle guard used in military formations. Rather than holding the butt, the pike is slid back some and held closer to the middle. Presumably this would allow the soldiers to brace their pikes in anticipation of a cavalry charge.

Nebenhut – Side Guard

Same as high and middle guards, but with the tip lowered to the ground. A firm grip is necessary so that the pike can be raised at any moment.


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