Meyer’s Pike – Guards Part 2

Last time we covered the high, middle, and side guards. In all three of these the right hand was held by the flank. These final three are more varied.

Obserhut zum Stoss – High Guard for the Thrust

According to both the text and plate the the pike is literally laying on the left shoulder. The left foot is forward and the left hand can be seen near the right shoulder.


Underhut – Low Guard

In the low guard the hand and foot agree, or in other words if the left hand is forward so is the left foot and vice versa. The forward hand is placed on the knee and the point is aimed at the opponent’s face.

In the figure on the left is in the middle guard; on the right is in the low guard. Note that the points are essentially the same height, a feat accomplished in part by the way one crouches in the low guard.


Dempffhut – Suppressing Guard

This looks a lot like the high guard but except that Meyer says to place the butt “inside your right thigh” instead of at the flank. As the name implies, this is a defensive guard used to force the opponent’s pike downwards.


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