Practice Notes – Jan 4 and 8, 2012

Wednesday was the first attempt at using the German stances for rapier. It worked remarkably well, much better than I had suspected. The unusually forward stance made it hard for my opponent’s to gauge the distance. After two successful bouts I spent the remainder of the session leading drills.

Sunday’s practice did not go so well. My natural tendency to drop the point, or otherwise ignore its relative position, was exasperated by my illness. In my first bout the point was often wide, exposing my arm to both the stocatta and the imbrocatta. Or as Meyer would say, the F, G, and H lines. My second opponent consistently flung my point away as if it were a mere foil. In part because he is a classically trained foil fencer, but mostly because I kept allowing my point to approach his forte.


Footwork and lunges from Irongate (Meyer’s 3rd) with an emphasis on keeping the point at eye level.

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