Meyer’s Rapier – Guards Part 1

Oberhut/Oches – High Guard/Ox

The High Guard on the sides is classified and executed in two forms, namely one for the thrust and, the other for the cut. Position yourself for it thus: stand with your right hand foot forward, hold your hilt by your right side, extended forward, up, and out to the side […] such that your point or tip stands against the opponent’s face.

Meyer continues to explain the High Guard can be in the right, left, or center for the cut, in which case the point is backwards. For the thrust, it may only be on the left or right. This gives you a total of five variations.

In every variation the right foot is forward.


Underhut – Low Guard

The Low Guard likewise extends below in three directions, namely straight before you and to both sides. Now the straight version is simply the end of a straight High Cut, as those to the sides are the ends of the diagonal Wrath cut.

As with the High Guard, the right foot is forward in every variation.


Eisenport – Irongate

For this, position yourself thus: stand with your right foot froward as always, hold your weapon with your arm extended down and forward before your right knee, so that the point extends forward up against the opponent’s face.

Essentially this is just Third with the wright forward.


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