Capoferro Chapter 3

A sword is made of iron for wood would not be sufficient to beat aside and evade the injuries that people inflict upon one another daily. It is pointed rather than blunt to keep enemies at bay. It’s length, and chief purpose, is to keep others far enough away that they cannot injury thee.

To offend or attack is the ultimate form of defense, a permanent solution. As long as the opponent stays sufficiently far away it is enough to leave him alone, but if he comes close enough to threaten your life than you are no longer obligated to preserve his.

The length of the sword should be twice that of the arm, which is the same as the length of the extraordinary step or the distance from the armpit to the sole of the foot.

The sword is divided into the forte and debole and the debole is further divided into a true and a false edge.  No such distinction is needed for the forte, and really it wouldn’t matter if it were dull. In fact it may be advantageous, as it would allow blade grasping.

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