Codex Wallerstein Wrestling – The Other Lesson

The “other lesson” is a bit misleading, there is also a third lesson and a “furthermore” before specific techniques are discussed.

  1. If the opponent is weaker, attack first and use Strength to overcome him.
  2. If the opponent is of equal strength, attack simultaneously and rely on Reach.
  3. If the opponent is stronger, allow them to attack first and fight him with Agility.

Yesterday I mentioned that each technique probably emphasized a one element over the others. This is where I got that notion.

The text then goes on to say one should not be too wary of a weaker opponent so long as one has reach and agility and a balanced position. That’s a bit like saying you shouldn’t be wary of a fellow knight when only you have a sword, a lance, armor, and a barded horse.

Anyways, this passage concludes that the weaker opponent can only resist using deflections and avoidances.

The next passage further concerns wresting with someone of equal strength. Again it emphasizes having a balanced stance and using Reach to overcome the opponent’s Agility.

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