Meyer’s Longsword – Guards Part 3 of 4

The middle guards.

Langort – Longpoint

This is a transitional guard through which many cuts and thrusts pass. One does not often linger in this guard. Note that the right foot is forward.


Pflug – Plow [Master Guard]

This master guard


Schrankhut – Crossed Guard

Meyer barely takes the time to describe this guard and says nothing of its use. For this reason I suspect that it is a transitional guard.


Eisenport – Irongate

The Irongate is primarily a thrusting guard, which is why it was rarely used in Meyer’s time. (The 16th century Germans thought using a thrust on a countryman as being disgraceful. of the thrust as being rude.) The Italians knew it by the same name as well as Terza or Third.

Meyer essentially says that he is presenting a modified version of Irongate for the longsword and that the true Eisenport will be presented in the book on the Rapier. For now think of the Irongate as the Crossed Guard, but with the point up.

Schlüssel – Key

This unusual guard looks more like it belongs in the pike section than in the longsword. At this point Meyer hasn’t offered anything but a brief description so again I suspect that it may be a transitional guard.


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