Liechtenauer 43-50 – The 17 Techniques

There are 17 techniques that Liechtenauer promises to cover, starting with the five master strikes.

  1. Zornhau
  2. Krumphau
  3. Zwerchhau
  4. Schielhau
  5. Scheitelhau
  6. The guards are next. Liechtenauer only lists Alber, though Ringeck says that four guards will be covered.
  7. The four displacements (Versetzen).
  8. Traveling after (Nachreisen).
  9. Overrunning (Überlaufen)
  10. Setting Aside (Absetzen) One of my favorites
  11. Changing Through (Durchwecseln)
  12. Twitching (Zucken) A fun and easy to learn technique
  13. Running Through (Durchlaufen)
  14. Cutting Off (Abschneiden)
  15. Pressing of the Hands (Hände Drüken)
  16. Hanging (Das Hangen)
  17. Winding (Das Winden) which I would have expected much earlier

Tolber calls the collection the Hauptstücke.

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