Counter-Posture Training Exercise

This exercise is based on chapter 4 of Fabris.

Equipment: Swords and gloves. Protective gear is optional, as no attacks will be thrown.

Requirements: Basic understanding of footwork and the four primary guards is helpful.


  1. Have a teacher take an aggressive position just outside measure.
  2. The student then responds with a counter-posture that defends the line.
  3. The teacher slowly extends just far enough to determine whether or not the counter-posture was properly formed.
  4. The teacher changes his position to find a new opening.
  5. The student mutates his guard accordingly, maintaining the counter-posture.
  6. [Repeat from step 3.]

Variation 1: Perform the exercise just inside measure. As per Fabris, the student should not move his feet.

Variation 2: Perform the exercise just inside measure. The teacher should step back when changing position. The student should step forward to maintain the distance.

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