Meyer’s Longsword – Cutting from vom Tag to Alber

The basic High or Scalp cut travels along the line of A to E. It starts in vom Tag, travels through Langort, and end in Alber.

This passage does not mention any footwork and, as Meyer will say several times, every cut and posture can be executed from either side.

Vom Tag is normally started on the right-side for a right-handed fencer. As we saw in Liechtenauer 28-30, this is a basic principal in the German system. So for these examples that’s where I am going to start.

High Cut A to E without a Step

This is a slightly oblique cut that ends with Alber on the left. It feels reasonably smooth, but I suspect it lacks power. And I’m not sure one would want to use such a long cut when you are are so close you cannot take a step.

Index Notation: Vt; CutAEGLpGAl

High Cut A to E with a Step

This is the variant that was taught to me in the past. You take a single step into Langort, such that the right foot hits the ground at the same time you make contact. Then you continue the cut down into Alber on the right.

Index Notation: Vt; SpCutAEGLpGAl

High Cut A to E with Two Steps

This is fun. Like the no step variant, you end with Alber on the left. But you don’t interrupt your forward momentum, allowing you to follow after an opponent who is retreating. Alternately you could use it to close into wrestling distance, useful if you have completely buried your opponents sword in the ground.

Index Notation: Vt; SppCutAEGLpGAl


Meyer will go into more detail in the future, but at this time I see no reason to not work with all three variants of the cut from A to E.

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