Meyer’s Longsword – Diagonal Cuts from Zornhut on the Right

This sequence has only two guards and two cuts.

From Zornhut on the right, step forward while performing a diagonal cut along the line of B to F. This cut is known as a Zornhau or Wrath Cut. You will end in Wechsel, the change guard, with the short edge towards your opponent.

Option 1: The next action is a short edge cut back into Zornhut on the right. Again, this is performed with a single step.

Index Notation: ZhR; CutBFGLpGCg; CutFBfGLpGZh

Option 2: Start with a short edge cut, but turn it over as you pass through Langort. This will bring you into Hangetort on the right. You may stay here or continue into Ochs.

Index Notation: ZhR; CutBFGLpGCg; CutFBftGHp[GOx]


Note: You can substitute vom Tag for Zornhut as the starting point for these actions. The blow will still be powerful, but not so completely overwhelming as it would be when thrown from Zornhut.

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