Meyer’s Longsword – Diagonal Cuts from Zornhut on the Left

This action is a bit more complex than the version on the right, but the basic premise is the same: You start with a powerful downward cut and then recover using a second cut.

To begin throw a Zornhau along the line of H-D with a step. As you complete the cut, turn the sword over so that the long edge is facing up and the blade is off to right. This is the Side Guard Nebenhut and it prepares you for a powerful upwards cut back along D-H.

Option 1: As you pass through Langort, turn the sword over. This will allow you to continue back into Zornhut.

Index Notation: ZhL; SpCutHDGSg; CutDHtfGLpGZhL

Option 2: With this variant you continue the long edge cut until you end up in Einhorn. This isn’t a good place to stay, so you’ll probably turn to cut a second Zornhut back down into Nebenhut or another convenient low guard. Alternately you can lower the sword down into Ochs or Schlüssel (key).

Index Notation: ZhL; SpCutHDGSg; CutDHGUn


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