Meyer’s Rapier – The First Scalp Cut (part 1)

The Scalp Cut [Schedelhauw], also known as the High Cut [Oberhauw], is a vertical, long edge cut along the line of A-E. Meyer presents two variants, the first occurs when the fencer has the initiative. This is known as being in the Vor or Before. Tomorrow I will cover the variant for when the opponent has the initiative, which is known as the Nach or After.

This action is used in the Onset, which can be thought of as being just outside wide measure. Both opponents are assumed to be in Eisenport (Irongate/3rd) or “Straight Parrying”. This term isn’t defined yet, but seems to be descriptive enough.


[Note, the section in brackets is conjecture.]

You begin by raising up the sword with an extended arm, making sure to keep it before your face. (Or in other words, don’t make a grand gesture that leaves you open.)

Choosing the side that appears to be most open, you cut close to the blade as if you were cutting at the point of the opponent’s sword. I many ways I think of this a feinted beat.

[Turn your hand in the direction of the opponents sword so that it travels under his sword to the other side, effectively making a disengage.]

Spring to the opposite side while throwing a second descending cut. This involves a wide step with the front knee deeply flexed.

As soon as the sword passes horizontal raise it back into Langort (Longpoint) in order that you may parry. [Basically its like you lunged, but with a cut instead of a thrust.]

Conclude by recovering back into Eisenport.


This seems like a fairly straight-forward feint, disengage, attack sequence. But since this section is specifically about the introducing the cut, Meyer doesn’t skips over important questions such as how he expects the opponent to respond to the first cut.

Index Notation: Onset Ig–Ig; CutAE->SD; SwLCutAEGLp; RBGIg

From the Onset with both in Irongate, the agent cuts along the line of AE to disengage, the agent then steps wide while cutting AE into Longpoint, the agent then recovers back to Irongate.

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