Codex Wallerstein Wrestling – Plate 31

The first wrestling play covers the basic move of taking the center. Like most wrestling moves in the German system, this is equally effective while wearing armor.

Our fencer starts by running in (rushing in?) with arms apart. The right arm is held just outside the body, the left arm to the inside.

At this time his opponent may decide to take the center. This is done by placing his directly foot between our fencer’s feet. If successful, this gives him all kinds of options to unbalance our fencer by apply pressure with his knee against our fencer’s leg.

To counter this attack, our fencer grabs the forward leg with his closed hand. Then using both hands he quickly yanks upwards. This is immediately followed stepping into the center so that his foot is behind the opponent’s foot. When performed while pushing the opponent backwards that person cannot help but to fall.


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