Codex Wallerstein Wrestling – Plate 32

This plate shows the counter to yesterday’s action. It starts the same way, with the opponent taking the center and our fencer grabbing the leg.

In this variant, the opponent responds to the leg grab by stepping backwards with his free leg. This lowers his center of gravity and allows him to push against the head [or shoulders] of our fencer with quite a bit of force. Our fencer will be lifted off his feet and fall backwards. The text mentions that you can “strike him in the head with your hand, and punch him from you”.

This plate below shows the opponent standing upright, but as he performs the punch or shove he will bend at the waist. This creates a straight line from the foot, through the hip, to the shoulder through which much power can be generated.


An defense against the leg grab involves “punching back and stepping out when you assume the balance stance low to the ground”. My girlfriend (who is significantly shorter than me) had no problem independently discovering this action and used it to knock me against a wall.

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