Marozzo – Assault 1 Part 1 Sequence A

This begins my attempt to interpret Marozzo’s first assault. In order to better describe and remember the steps I had to invent names for some of the transitional positions he uses.

Becca Brochiero – Baldric Buckler: Like Becca Cesa and Becca Possa, this is a high guard with the point down and the true edge up. The false edge is against the buckler.

Porta di Ferro Brochiero – Iron Gate Buckler: Like other Iron Gate positions, but with the false edge against the buckler.

Alta Brochiero – High Buckler: The point is high like in Alta, but “the pommel of the sword [is] on the side inside the rim” of the buckler.

The article titled The Teachings of Marozzo has the rest of the guards.

Equipment: Spada and Brochiero Stretta / Sword and Narrow Buckler

Translation: Arte dell’ Armi

Sequence A

Each heading is the guard or transitional position that completes the text which follows it.

1. Coda Longa e Larga [Left-foot Forward]

I want you to take a side of the room with your brochiero, below to the left side, that is on your upper thigh, and your right foot close by the left in good form and with the sword in the coda lunga e larga with the arm extended and the body upright and as courteous as possible.

Start in Coda Longa e Larga (Long and Large Tail) with the buckler resting on your left leg, which is slightly forward of the right.

2. Porta di Ferro Brochiero [Right]

Here I want you to advance your right foot forward and at the same time cut with the false edge at the copula of the brochiero and bring the copula near your face.

With a step bring the buckler up and cut Falso Manco (e.g. the line of D-H) such that the false edge strikes the shield ending in Porta di Ferro Brochiero with the right foot forward.

3. Guardia di Testa [Left]

Then make a gran passo with the left foot, forward and to the right and then strike the sword with the brochiero. End in the guardia di testa with the arm extended

The cut to reach Guardia di Testa will be roughly horizontal (i.e. Roverso Tondo or G-C) across the face.

4. Becca Brochiero

and then bring the point towards the ground, that is with the false edge of your sword towards your brochiero and strike your brochiero with the false edge.

5. Guardia di Testa [Right w/molinello]

Then throw a high upwards cut with a mandritta and in this cut you do a molinello by making a gran passo forward with the right foot towards the left.

The first cut is a true edge E-A. The molinello is going to be false-edge cut along D-H.

6. Alta Brochiero [Left w/molinello]

Then make another with the left foot and go over the brochiero and strike the brochiero with the pommel of the sword on the side inside the rim.


7. Becca Brochiero

Bring the sword hand forward and place the sword point towards the ground

8. Guardia Alta [Right]

and then bring the right foot forward and cut with a montante. Again, with the foot towards the left and ending in the guardia alta and your brochiero extended.


In this sequence every transition except to Becca Brochiero is accompanied with a step.

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