Marozzo – Assault 1 Part 1 Sequence B

This sequence starts and ends with Alta on the right. Numbering continues from before.

Sequence B

9. Coda Lunga e Distesa [Right-back]

Now cut with a fendente against the rim of the brochiero with your right foot back and the blow to the left against the right. End in the coda lunga e distesa.

The cut is along the A-D line and ends with the blade straight back. Meanwhile the buckler is as far forward as possible.

10. Porta di Ferro Brochiero [Right]

Finally make a gran passo forward to the right,

11. Guardia di Testa [Left]

punching the sword with the brochiero and going into a guardia di testa.

12. Becca Brochiero

Then bring the false edge of the sword towards the copula del brochiero

13. Guardia Alta [Right]

making a gran passo with the right foot towards the left and immediately cut with a montante as the right foot comes left. End in a guardia alta with your arm extended. Your left thigh will be guarded from your enemy and your right foot will be extended.


In order to end with a “gran passo with the right foot” I added a step in step 11. There was such a step when transitioning from Porta di Ferro Brochiero to Guardia di Testa in sequence A.

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