Alternate Embellishment for Manciolino

Tom Leoni has a different embellishment than the one found in Swanger’s translation.

0.  Lift a montante into Guardia Alta (unless you are already there), ensuring that you are with your right foot forward—if you are not, pass back with your left foot. This step may not be needed, depending on position.
1.  Pass back with your right foot and cut a fendente into the right side of your buckler’s rim, letting your sword-arm continue its path behind you through Coda Lunga e Distesa and back into Guardia Alta
2.  Pass back with your left foot, striking the inside of your buckler’s rim with your pommel
3.  Pass forward with your left foot, setting yourself in Guardia di Testa
4.  Pass forward with your right foot, hitting the boss of your buckler with a falso dritto
5.  Draw your left foot near the right, setting yourself into Guardia Alta

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