Filippo Vadi – Chapter 1: Is Fencing Science or Art

Is fencing a science or an art? For Vadi there is little doubt,

If someone would like to know and understand if fencing is an art or else a science I say that you should note my opinion.

Consider well my sentence it’s a true science, not an art as I will show you briefly.

Geometry divides and separates with infinite numbers and measures, and fills with science his papers, the sword to her cares is subject, it’s good to measure blows and steps to find your trust in science.

Fencing is born from geometry, to her it’s subject, it’s endless, and both of them are infinite.

And if you learn my doctrines, you’ll be able to answer with reason and take away the rose from thorns.

To make your opinion clearer, and to sharpen your intellect, so you may able to answer to everyone:

music adorns and combines the art of sound and lyrics and with science makes it perfect, so geometry and music combine their scientific virtues in swordmanship to adorn the bright star of Mars.

Now if you like my saying and the reason I wrote here keep them in your mind and do not lose them.

So tell the truth as I said that in fencing there is no end, as every reverse finds his right, contrary by contrary without an end.

Translation by Luca Porzio

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