Filippo Vadi – Chapter 3

The blows from the right side, known as “Colpi Dritto”, are used for defense. The blows from the left side, the “Riversi”, are used for attacking. (That sounds a lot like the dialogs of Angelo Viggiani.)

Colpi Dritto should be done with the true edge, the Riversi with the false edge.

Much like the later Italians, Vadi recommends a “side stance”. Come to think of it, does anyone not default to a side stance? Seems to me that squaring your shoulders to the enemy only makes sense when fighting in a military formation.

Default to pointing your weapon at your opponent’s face. (Contrast this to the Bolognese Alta or I.33’s first ward.

Watch the opponent’s weapon, its measure and timing.

If he strikes, be sure to “cross the blade with yours”. Again, keep the point on-line and don’t go chasing his sword.

I’m not sure what “cross play” is, but if your opponent does it widely then thrust so you won’t be divided from him. Maybe it means taking long sweeping cuts that remove the blade from your presence, as that would definitely be a good time to thrust.

If you find yourself at crossed swords, go in for the attack. If you don’t think you are brave enough, use cunning and get out of the way using a manreverso followed by a deritto to cover yourself. Then if you are still cunning, close and you’ll find that bravery switches sides.

Cleverness trumps strength.

Use a side-step if you plan on thrusting, then close and grab his handle. Or if you can’t do that, beat down his sword.

Don’t pay attention to any taunts, the tongue cannot hurt you. And don’t seek out fights for a love of quarreling.

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