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Why doesn’t Agrippa talk about the longsword?

In his own words… I had also planned to say something about how to use the two-handed sword. However, anything I say will be useless because of the uncertain rules that govern it blows, which travel so through the air. … Continue reading

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Fiore de’i Liberi on Weapon Choice

These passages are from the Wiktenauer translation of Fiore de’i Liberi, This sword passes for a sword and for an ax, and should not be edged from the guard down to one somessoa from the point, and the point should … Continue reading

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Domenico Angelo on Choosing a Blade

From “The School of Fencing” from 1787. This text discusses the use of the small sword for recreation and in earnest. How to Chose a Blade and It’s Proper Length I thought it necessary, before I set down any rules … Continue reading

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George Silver on Weapon Length

Of the length of weapons, and how every man may fit himself to the perfect length of his weapon, according to his own stature, with brief reasons wherefore they ought to be so. To know the perfect length of your … Continue reading

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Defeating First Ward (Underarm) with Coda Longa e Larga

The scene stars our fencer trained in Marozzo dueling one trained with MS I.33. The weapons are sword and buckler. The worthy foe cuts into Underarm, which they call First Ward. Our fencer responds by mutating into Coda Lungs e … Continue reading

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Geselle Longsword Syllabus (Video)

Includes Talhoffer, Peter Falkner, Doebringer, HS 3227a, and Codex Wallerstein,

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About the flat parry

An article on the old debate about edge vs faltered parries. Not really necessary at this point as the question has long been settled, but interesting none the less.

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Meyer’s Longsword – The Short Cut or Fake Krumphauw

This fun little trick starts out as a Krumphauw using the short edge. It is thrown slightly early as if you simply screwed up the timing. There-in lies the trick. As soon as your point passes under your foe’s sword, … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Longsword – Zwerch, The Thwart

Zwerch is the beloved horizontal strike that defends the head without losing its offensive potential. Meyer describes it as coming from Zornhut, but it works equally well from vom Tag or Ochs. The basic rule is that if you can … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Longsword – Schielhauw, The Squinting Cut

The Squinting and Crooked strikes server the same purpose: they are defensive cuts that are immediately turned into attacks. Here are the definitions and images according to Meyer followed by images from other masters: Schielhauw – Squinting Cut The Squinting … Continue reading

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