Meyer’s Longsword – The Short Cut or Fake Krumphauw

This fun little trick starts out as a Krumphauw using the short edge. It is thrown slightly early as if you simply screwed up the timing.

There-in lies the trick. As soon as your point passes under your foe’s sword, raise your arms high to defend your head. Your long edge will catch his sword, giving you a nice pivot point to drop your short edge into his right arm.


I like throwing this blow from vom Tag, but there is no reason why you can’t start all the way back in Zornhut or down in Pfluge.

Just as a wide step to the right is critical to a successful Krumphauw, a wide step to the left is essential to pulling off a short cut.

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3 Responses to Meyer’s Longsword – The Short Cut or Fake Krumphauw

  1. Interesting that the shot looks as if it catches the strong of the opponent’s blade. Just looking at it without trying it out, it looks as if the chief danger is in collapsing the guard while throwing the counter.

    • Grauenwolf says:

      Oh definitely. Even though my partner was much shorter that me I got whacked on the head several times for having my arms too low.

      Even worse is forgetting the wide step. If I step forward or not at all then she just turned the blade over and still hit my head.

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