Fiore de’i Liberi on Weapon Choice

These passages are from the Wiktenauer translation of Fiore de’i Liberi,

This sword passes for a sword and for an ax, and should not be edged from the guard down to one somessoa from the point, and the point should be fine and the edge should be one somesso in length. And the ring below the hilt wants to be able to run down to one somesso from the point and not further, and the hilt wants to be well tempered and have a good point, and the pommel wants to be heavy. And that point wants to well tempered and quite sharp. And the sword wants to be heavy from the back to the front, and wants to weigh from 5 to 7 pounds, following how large and strong the man is and how he wants to be armed.

A somesso is the following measure: having all the fingers extended and the hand wide open, open the thumb to form an “L”: the somesso is that measure, i.e. four fingers plus the length of the thumb.


This other sword wants to be fully edged, from the hilt all the way to the point, save for a part in the middle of the last third which should not be edged at all, a span big enough for one hand with a large gauntlet to enter. And similarly it wants to be fine of edge and of point, and the hilt wants to be strong and sharp and well-tempered, and the pommel wants to be quite heavy and dangerous.


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