Meyer’s Rapier – Dempffhauw, the Suppressing Cut

Like the first scalp cut, the suppressing cut is a reaction to a cut thrown during the onset. When you see your opponent raise his sword in preparation for the cut, you do likewise. At the same time, you take a wide step towards his sword. That is to say, if he is cutting from your left-side you step to the left. Meyer uses the term “spring” for this step, as it needs to be very fast.

As your opponent begins his cut, you throw your own cut to the nearest shoulder. This is not a normal wrist cut. Meyer says that your hilt precedes your blade does, which I interpret to be more of an elbow followed by wrist cut.

The reason you cut like this is so that you end the action in a low iron gate such that the “pommel drops close to the ground”. The lower your opponent cuts, the wider your step and the lower you sink the upper body.

The below picture is close to what he is describing. But imagine that instead of attacking the sword, the fencer on the left is aiming for the shoulder.


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2 Responses to Meyer’s Rapier – Dempffhauw, the Suppressing Cut

  1. Grauenwolf says:

    The key to it was understanding this is a ‘nach’ action – here I was thinking this was done as a counter-attack in one tempo.

    Counter attack in opposition is a counter attack in the same line as your opponents, but with your blade blocking out his attack. A nach action, would be waiting for your opponent to miss with distance and stepping in and hitting before they can recover or renew their attack.


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