Capoferro Chapter 7 – Of the body

When resting in guard or seeking measure, the body slopes backwards and the right thigh is barely visible. The left shoulder aligns with the left foot while the right shoulder divides the pace of the guard in half.

The goal here it is to move the parts of the body they can be attacked as far away as possible. The angle also reduces your height while standing sideways reduces your width. No more than the middle of your breast should be visible.


When striking the shoulder is over the point of the right foot. The bodies pushed forward in a straight line with as little deviation as possible.




It should be noted here that Capoferro is very much against the style of Fabris and his like. He says there is no reason to use guards and counter-guards, feints and counter-feints, diagonal steps, voids of the legs, and other strange movements of the body and sword.

Capoferro seems to be all about mastering a very precise, linear style of fencing.

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