Talhoffer 1467, Plate 6 – More Thrusts

This seems to be a simple picture of downward thrusts with either foot forward. However, it holds some questions.


First and foremost on my mind is the issue of the hands. If I thrust from the left, with either foot forward, everything works easily. But if my thrust comes in from the right, my hands become crossed and the action is fouled. To counteract this I have to momentarily release the left hand and then place it back on the pommel. Is this just my fancy or is it expected?

Another thing I wonder is how they came into those positions. Did they start at a high guard? Or a bind? Perhaps it comes from Pflug, with the arms flung upwards. Another option is a under-handed thrust into Langort which is then wound up to protect against a dying man’s last blow. So many tempting choices to explore.

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