Meyer’s Rapier – Schielhauw, The Squinting Cut

The Schielhauw for rapier begins with our fencer in the “high guard for the cut”. When the opponent throws a cut to either side of the body, step away from it. At the same time, cut at the forte of his sword,

yet such that as it goes down you turn your hand around, so that you hit his blade not with the long edge but somewhat with the short edge or flat. As soon as the weapons connect, if you have not hit him with the short-edge foible of your blade, then thrust on his blade in before you at his face. In this thrust inward, turn the long edge down, so that at the end of the thrust you stand in Longpoint.

If the attack is against your left side, “reverse your hand outward” when cutting. If attacked form the right, “reverse your hand inward”.

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