Marozzo’s Sword and Buckler, Assault 1 Part 3

New Guards

·        Cinghiara porta di ferro

·        Guardia di sotto braccio

The Assault

Start: Remaining in the guardia alta [right foot forward but close to the left]

1: I want you to throw a tramazzone to a cinghiara porta di ferro. That is with your left foot forward. Do this with a little traverse opposite the right side of your enemy and wait for said enemy who will throw a mandritto, or a roverso, or a ponta or tramazzone to the head or leg.

2: When he does this I want you to throw your right foot forward in a gran passo to the left and parry the attack with the false edge of the sword

3: and give a roverso or go with a mandritto to the leg ending in the coda lunga e stretta. When you have completed a falso and dritto [i.e. step 2,3] of your sword it will go to a porta di ferro larga.

4: Now if your enemy throws a mandritto tondo at the head, or a fendente, or a tramazzone, I want you to parry with the true edge of the sword and accompany the sword hand with the hand of the brochiero. Keep your sword point looking to the face of your enemy.

5: On parrying with the right edge of the sword follow with a roverso to his right temple or to his leg with your right foot forward.

6: Nevertheless, if he throws a new cut to your head, I want you to accompany the sword with your brochiero in the guardia di testa with your arms well extended and

7: in this parry throw a mandritto tondo at the leg going into the guardia di sotto braccio.

8: Do not stay firm here but throw a roverso sgualembrato montando immediately past the rim of the buckler taking your right foot close to the left. Your sword will now be in the guardia alta.

9: Next throw the right foot behind the left and and cut with a fendente at the rim of the brochiero and your sword will move into the coda lunga e distesa. In the same time bring the left foot close by the right.

10: Raise immediately said left [foot] and punch with the brochiero.

11: Having made the punch bring your sword point to the ground and you will beat the copula of the brochiero with the false edge of the sword and mount a montante with the right foot forward of the left. The right foot should now be close by the left and your sword will be in the guardia alta with your arm and legs well-formed and tight.



The first half of this play is close work, where in you try to bind the opponent high so that you can freely strike low.

Starting Measure: When you complete the tramazzone step 1, the tip of your sword should be near or on the top edge of your opponent’s buckler. If he doesn’t respond, you should feel comfortable pushing a thrust into the face.

Don’t forget the step to the left in step 2. It is essential for both the false edge parry and the moves that follow.

Step 3 is a bit confusing. I think what it means is that after the false edge parry you have two options:

a. Cut a riverso to the legs, ending in coda lunga e stretta
b. Cut a dritto to the legs, ending in porta di ferro larga.

Either way, you need to be prepared for the true edge parry in step 4. I find the point is threatening the face in either guard.

The second half is a false retreat. The idea is to buy some time, then punch the opponent with the buckler itself.

In step 10, the sword should be placed where ever is convenient for step 11.

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