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With a heavy heart I must say good bye

With a heavy heart I must say good bye,To my old friend who laughed and lied. My companion was tall and proud,Tap his should and he would sing out loud. He deviated neither left nor right,There was no hint of … Continue reading

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Practice Notes – Master Cuts are not Belly High

My experiments with the center vom Tag turnout out better than expected. Look at these images of the master cuts, they are all aiming for the head. When using vom Tag on the right, my target was the chest or … Continue reading

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Krumphau is a Long Edge Strike… Until the Last Second

According to Aaron Pynenberg, Krumphau is a normal long edge cut to the sword until the last moment when it is turned over. He writes, My thought is that I am “cutting” with the long edge initially, and the long … Continue reading

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A Mirror has Two Sides, So Does a Buckler

Consider this passage from Manciolino: Beginning, therefore, the second assault at its first part, which is going to the play, I say that similarly you will settle yourself in one corner of the room as you did in your previous … Continue reading

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The Role of Filippo Vadi in the dei Liberi Tradition, Pt. I

Part of Vadi’s goal may have been to show his art as unique, which is certainly how he promoted his work to the court of Urbino. Another possibility is that all of these guards likely originated from older sources. The … Continue reading

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That’s not vom Tag!

I’ve been playing at German longsword for nearly as long as I’ve been playing at rapier. But only last night did I come to the realization that I, and everyone who taught me or trained with me, has been doing … Continue reading

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Meyer’s Longsword – Glützhauw, The Clashing Cut Revisited

Glützhauw – Joachim Meyer The Clashing Cut is done thus: if someone cuts at you from above, then strike with the back of your hand against his stroke to the upper left opening; let your blade slip off on his … Continue reading

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Discussion on Sturtzhauw, the plunging strike

  Meyer often describes cuts that seem a lot more like plays to me and I believe the sturtzhauw is a two step attack rather than a strike you throw directly. The way I see it the sturtzhauw begins with … Continue reading

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Don’t be Sloppy – Guardia Alta Edition

While researching for a class on Bolognese-Dardi terminology, I looked at this picture. I didn’t just see it, something about it caused me to actively look at it. Notice how his blade is about 15 degrees from center. Now look … Continue reading

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Diogo Gomes de Figueyredo’s Montante – Demonstrated by ModernSwordsman

These videos are an interpretation of Diogo Gomes de Figueyredo’s Memorial Of the Practice of the Montante. If you open the video on YouTube you can see the text of the lesson the presenter is working through.  Purpleheart Armory sells … Continue reading

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