Joseph Swetnam’s Quarterstaff Guards

Yesterday we looked at Meyer’s Quarterstaff guards. Today we take a peek at Joseph Swetnam. I’m including this specifically because his two guards are not found in Meyer.

High Guard

Look under your Staff with both your eyes, with the point hanging slope-ways downward by your side, bearing out your Staff at the arms end, higher than your head a little according to this Picture.

Similar to Steürhut/Rudder Guard, but Meyer has the point literally on the ground.


Low Guard

Swetnam calls this the “True Guard for the Staff”.

Keep the point of your Staff right in your enemies face, holding one hand at the very butt end of the Staff, and the other a foot and a half distant, looking over your Staff with both your eyes and your feet and a half distance, or thereabouts, according to this picture, always standing cross with your enemy, I meanie, if his right hand and foot be foremost, let yours be so likewise, and if his left-hand and foot be foremost, then make you your change and cross with him also.


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