Polearm Terminology According to Paulus Hector Mair

Based on the research contained in the book Polearms of Paulus Hector Mair, translated by David James Knight and Brian Hunt.

Shortstaff / Short Spear

Roughly 6 foot long


Lance / Longstaff

Mair uses weapons that were about 10 feet in length, but lances up to 13 feet long were not uncommon.




Six foot in length.



From 4 to 6 feet long, this weapon has a butt spike and smaller axe head. Also note the perpendicular spikes coming out of each side of the axe.


Boar Spear

This is a 8 foot spear. There are only a handful of plates on it in Mair. These spears would have lugs on the sides of the blade or haft that prevent a weapon, or a boar, from sliding down the shaft.


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