Applying Fabris to Meyer’s First Scalp Cut

One of the problems with the first device for the scalp cut (Schedelhauw) in Meyer’s Rapier is figuring out how to throw the cut. A simple wrist cut lacks power and a molinello temporarily moves the point off line. Since this is effectively a second intention action, there isn’t necessarily enough time for an elbow or shoulder cut.

In chapter 7, Fabris talks about a fast cut thrown from the shoulder with a stiff elbow and wrist. When throwing this cut you only need to raise the point slightly, the lowering of the whole body supplies the rest of the power. This makes it surprisingly fast.

Another benefit of throwing the cut this way is the point stays online the whole time. Your defense is never weakened and you can thrust if the cut falls short. Since Meyer offers the thrust as an alternative for this action, this makes it an ideal paring.

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