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Applying Fabris to Meyer’s First Scalp Cut

One of the problems with the first device for the scalp cut (Schedelhauw) in Meyer’s Rapier is figuring out how to throw the cut. A simple wrist cut lacks power and a molinello temporarily moves the point off line. Since … Continue reading

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Using Geometry to Pattern a Heater Shield

According to the research by Peter Johnsson, medieval weapons were designed using geometric principals. In this image from wikipedia, we can see the same principals used to design a heater shield that is pleasing to the eye. File:Coa Illustration Editing … Continue reading

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The Purposes of the Rotella

This looks like it can be used as a historic basis for recreating sword and shield combat as envisioned by movies about knights. The small buckler (brocchiero piccolo) was the sidearm issued to play with blunt swords (spade da giochi) … Continue reading

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Hurstwic: Viking Shields

  A few shields have survived from the Viking age, notably the shields from the Gokstad ship, which date from the 10th century. The ship was equipped with 32 shields, several of which survive intact. They were made from a … Continue reading

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Antonio Manciolino – The Rules of Fencing

For my own benefit, I have rewritten his rules in my own words. But I left one quote as the original, as I feel that it is by far the most important. Don’t malign those you defeat, for the honor … Continue reading

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Johannes Georgius Bruchius – Introduction and Guards

Printed in 1671, the primary purpose of Bruchius’ book is to make the Italian tradition widely available to Low German (i.e. Dutch) speakers. By the time Bruchius was published, the French version of Thibault was already 43 years old. Though … Continue reading

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Capoferro Chapter 8 – Of the Arms

I assume what follows is principally about Terza (third).  The right elbow should be waist high (real waist, not hips) and inline with the right knee and foot. The left is tucked in a bit. When striking, the left arm … Continue reading

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Device, Play, and Routine

For my own writing I’m defining these terms: Device: A single set of actions with a specific outcome. A complete technique that ends with a wound as opposed to a simple description of a cut or parry. This is usually … Continue reading

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Fabris Chapter 7 – Cuts

Fabris begins this chapter thusly, The principal cuts are four: the mandritto, roverso, sottomano, and montante. Each is used differently and has its own target. Later in the book we will see illustrations with all the cuts deriving from these … Continue reading

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How to build a dueling shield for Capoferro

Step 1: Buy a steel sled from here:   Step 2: Make a Captain America shield using these instructions from bev15003: Step 3: Repaint it to not look like a Captain America shield

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