Marozzo’s Sword and Buckler – Assault 1 Part 4a, Annotated

I am skipping the footwork diagrams for this section. The exact footwork you are going to be using really depends on what you opponent is doing. Instead of thinking in terms of exact footwork, just think forward, backwards, to his left, or two his right.

The Assault

Start: Being in the guardia alta,

1: I want you to pass forward with a gran passo with your right foot. At this time throw a mandritto tondo and go into the guardia di sopra braccio.

2: Immediately bring your right foot close to the left, keeping the buckler well [extended?],

As you pull back your right foot, turn over the sword so that the point is forward. This is necessary for the next action.

3: and in the time that you enter this guard if your enemy is low or high or in the guardia alta I want you to move your right foot forward and thrust at the outside right of your enemy’s face.

Note that Marozzo says “face”. Don’t aim for the chest, it will weaken your own defense. Don’t thrust to the side of the head, it will tie up your sword and make the next action difficult. There is an assumption here that he will parry.

4: In fear of said thrust he will strike with the false edge of the sword on the outside and he will uncover the left side. Then you will turn a dritto in falso to his left temple

This action should elicit a parry of some sort. Use the momentum of the parry to perform the disengage and subsequent false edge strike. As you do this, make sure you bring up your buckler to cover.

5: and if he covers turn a roverso to his right thigh.

This is a risky action, as your buckler needs to protect both your arm and your head.

When experimenting, I found myself attacking the calf instead of the thigh. This is definitely a problem that will need to be corrected.

When experimenting, we found the partner’s foresight allowed them to develop an effective response to this attack. In free sparing you will need to mix in other actions besides just the leg cut to keep them guessing.

6: Do not move. Not your foot. Neither your leg. But for your defense return a falso traversato to his right arm.

We do not have a definition for the falso traversato, but it appears to be a traverse or sideways cut.

If my opponent parried the cut to the leg, this falso would come from my left. If he voided the leg and brought his sword down on my arm, my traversato comes from the right.

7: In this time make a half turn of the fist and cut with a fendente to the rim of the brochiero with your right foot forward.

Now we enter the “get out of dodge” phase of the routine, which is a good place to stop for now. There are a total of 15 actions, but I want to refine this a bit before moving on.

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