Paulus Hector Mair’s Sword and Buckler – Two Upper Bindings from the Right Side

I am using the translation by Keith P. Meyers. He begins with book 2, plate 17, which contains the first sword and buckler plate. Since this translation was specifically aimed at the sword and buckler section, a lot of theory was skipped. Instead, we jump right into the first play.

The play “Two Upper Bindings from the Right Side” consists of 4 principal devices. These devices alternate

First Device

This play begins with both fencers in Langort (longpoint) with a right cover. This means the wrists are crossed so the the buckler can protect the hand from cuts from the right.


The yellow fencer attacks the red on the right side. This is a feint. Ideally it would cause a wound, but he expects it to be parried. No matter, he then turns that cut into a thrust into the exposed right thigh. This is done with a [narrow | wide] step with the left foot.

It is important that the initial cut be earnest. If the red fencer doesn’t commit to blocking the cut then he will have the opportunity to block the thrust.

Its Counter

Assuming the yellow fencer did his device correctly, there is no time to properly parry it without completely losing the imitative. So instead, the red fencer buys some time by pulling his right foot back to the left, thus defeating the attack without committing his sword or buckler.

The red fencer then immediately steps with the left foot and thrusts into the throat.

A Contra-time Attack

The yellow fencer needs to parry the thrust using only his buckler. Independently, but at the same time, he thrusts under his sword while stepping to the left with his right foot.

Another Void

A contra-time attack doesn’t leave much time, so again the yellow fencer starts by pulling back his foot. This time a parry is needed to cement the defense. Immediately after the parry, thrust to the groin.

If that is parried, pull back and fling a new thrust to the right arm.

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