Paulus Hector Mair’s Sword and Buckler – Two Bindings from the Left Side



The second plate, numbered 18, covers three devices. Like plate 17, they alternate between fencers. The first play begins with the left foot forward and sword refused. The weak of the blade is actually supported by the buckler.

First Device, Three Attacks in Succession

The red fencer starts by thrusting to the left side of the green fencer. This will probably be parried with the bucker, which is ok because it is really a feint. The real target is the right arm. This strike is accompanied with a step of the right foot to the [right | left]. If that is also parried, turn the wrist [up | down] to thrust at the groin.

Second Device, Taking the Initiative

It is assumed that the green fencer has already parried the first two attacks made by the red fencer. Facing a point to the groin, it is past time he take the initiative.

To do this, he springs backwards so that both feet are together while parrying with the buckler. As soon as the left foot lands, the green fencer springs to the left using his right foot and thrusts to the red fencer’s right side.

If this is parried, turn the wrist [up | down ] to strike the forward leg.

Removing the Foot, Again

Again we see the fencer withdraw his leg when it is threatened. But there is a slight difference. Instead of using a dui-tempi sequence like the green fencer, the red fencer will thrust to the face at the same time he pulls back his leg.

Concluding Thoughts

Note how the fencers really want to get to the right side of their opponent. This takes the opposing buckler out of play while putting their own buckler into the center.

It is good to see both a single-time and a double-time action for the same scenario.

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