Another Krumphauw for Meyer

I was recently introduced to another version of the krumphauw that ends as shown in the plate D.


Pynenberg’s version gets us into that position while performing a long edge strike. This version also uses a long edge strike, but the wrist rotates instead of blade.

Say the RED edge is long and the BLUE edge is short, and the RED edge krumps the opponent’s blade. If you rotate the right hand around the grip so that the knuckles are facing upwards then the left wrist naturally moves under the right.

Looking at the final position, the BLUE edge has become long and the RED short for the purpose of the next cut.

Thus far I have seen no other example of this reversing of long and short edges. But with a symmetrical weapon, there is no reason why it couldn’t occur.

More importantly, it is an easier action to perform. Pynenberg’s version requires two distinct actions, this version occurs with a single fluid movement.

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