Manciolino’s Sword and Buckler: Guardia di Faccia vs Langort

Continuing our thought from yesterday, can Langort be used as an interpretation of Guardia di Faccia? First the text,

The third is called “guardia di faccia” which agrees with the previous one in two things, and differs in only one; namely, that is that it agrees not only in that the disposition of the feet can be with the right foot as well as with the left facing, but also in the height of the arms. But in this alone is the difference, that the aforesaid was having the sword on the diagonal, and this one holds it straight with the point toward the enemy’s face, and the hand armed with the buckler above the hand appointed to the sword.

Now look at Extended Langort (longpoint). The buckler is above the hand holding the sword, which itself it straight instead of diagonal.


Again, here is Marozzo sans bucker for comparison.


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