Giganti’s Rapier Lunge

Presented by Gary Chelak of Tattershall

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1 Response to Giganti’s Rapier Lunge

  1. Wiskadjak says:

    This technique is wickedly effective. It allows lunging actions to be completed in “broken” time. If the first part of the lunge is parried then, in the 2nd part, one can perform a cavazione, turn the hand (as per Giganti) & strike, while still covered, on the new line. If the patient doesn’t parry just follow through on the original line.

    I think of the 2nd part of the attack as being like a cocked crossbow at point blank range. When an opening presents itself just pull the trigger & the bolt flies straight to the target with no time for the victim to react. The trick is to gradually work your way in close so as not to alert your prey. The only warning of the attack is when it succeeds. I did not learn this from a fencing manual but from my cat. He likes to play ambush games & is brilliant at getting in close without the “victim” (usually me) realizing it.

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