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Photos of Bolognese Sword and Buckler Guards

Here are some quick and dirty photos showing roughly how I interpret the Bolognese Sword and Buckler guards. The red tape represents the true edge of the sword. Guardia Alta – High Guard Correction: The sword should be more upright. … Continue reading

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Kurtzhau Part 2. Breaking Ochs with Kurtzhau


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Workbooks for Independent Study Groups

I’m not happy with my longsword unit. It jumps around too much, doesn’t focus on core skills as much as I like, and requires someone who half-way knows what they are doing to lead. What’s worse is any mistakes the … Continue reading

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We Are Practicing the Binds Wrong

Just to be clear I mean we, as in myself and the groups I train with. I have no idea how you do it, but what we’ve been doing for the last ten years is utter garbage. The drills for … Continue reading

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Practice Notes: Stepping Against vom Tag

Among the various groups I train the use of Zwerch against vom Tag is taught exactly the same way. Here is there drill: Starting in wide measure, both fencers assume left vom Tag. The agent steps far to his right … Continue reading

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Practice Notes: Redirecting the Tramazzone

In general, the Tramazzone works pretty good against someone in half-shield. With an off-line step to the left and the buckler guarding the right arm, it is a fairly safe attack. But once they get used to it, it isn’t … Continue reading

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The Five False Edge Blows in German Longsword

This is Master Jobst of Württemberg’s Epitome on the Longsword Now you have to know that there are five blows with the false edge: the first the Zornhau, the next is the Alber, the third the Krumphau, the fourth the … Continue reading

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