Photos of Bolognese Sword and Buckler Guards

Here are some quick and dirty photos showing roughly how I interpret the Bolognese Sword and Buckler guards. The red tape represents the true edge of the sword.

Guardia Alta – High Guard


Correction: The sword should be more upright.

Guardia di Testa – Head Guard

IMG_0432 IMG_0433

The one on the left has the sword resting on the buckler. This closes the center-line and make the guard more protective.

Becca Cesa – Weak Baldric


This shows Becca Cesa with the blade being supported by the buckler. Another interpertation is a more forward point, which I show in Guardia d’alicorno/Unicorn below.

The risk with this version is that your opponent will trap your sword against your buckler. On the other hand, the parries with it will be stronger and your opponent cannot cut through the gap between your blade and buckler.

Becca Possa – Strong Baldric


Again, I am risking having my sword bound in exchange for the stronger parry and closed line the buckler affords.

Guardia d’alicorno – Unicorn


Correction: Knees should be bent more.

Guardia di Faccia – Face Guard


In theory the buckler can also be below, but for face guard I prefer it above.

Guardia d’Intrare – Entering Guard


The buckler protects the hand and forearm. It will be above or below depending on the location of the opponent’s weapon.

Coda Longa e Larga – Long and Wide Tail


Marozzo shows this with the right foot forward. I’m not sure it if matters, will need to do more research.

Coda Longa e Stretta – Long and Narrow Tail Guard


Here we see an open and a closed version of the guard. I’ve seen the second version, where the upper third of the blade is resting on the buckler, used with much success. Like a dagger, it is effectively all forte.

Coda Longa e Alta – Long and High Tail Guard


With its raised hand, Code Longa e Alta naturally wants to rest the blade on the buckler.

Coda Longa e Distesa – Long and Outstretched Tail

IMG_0445 IMG_0446

The outstretched tail doesn’t have to go directly behind, it also works to the side.

Porta di Ferro Larga – Wide Iron Gate


I find that having the point aimed slightly to my left makes the false-edge deflections easier.

Porta di Ferro Stretta – Narrow Iron Gate


Porta di Ferro Alta – High Iron Gate

IMG_0449 IMG_0450

Not even close to Marozzo’s illustration. He prefers to pull back the buckler when extending the sword. Manciolino doesn’t have this guard, but since he prefers to keep the buckler out I think he would approve.

The second photo is half-shield.

Cinghiara Porta di Ferro Larga – Wild Boar Wide Iron Gate


Cinghiara Porta di Ferro Stretta – Wild Boar Narrow Iron Gate


I think I should be presenting more of a threat with the point in this posture.

Cinghiara Porta di Ferro Alta – Wild Boar High Iron Gate

IMG_0453 IMG_0454

Again we see two versions, one based on Half-shield and the second more natural.

Guardia di Sopra il Bracco – Over-the-arm Guard


Not sure about this one. I don’t like the hand being so visible, but this makes it quick to turn over into a thrust.

Guardia di Sotto il Bracco – Under-the-arm Guard


The sword is completely hidden unless you look at it from the side.

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