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The Old and New Squinter

Meyer wrote, The First Squinter goes thus; when you are in the Zufechten, then note as soon as he goes out to strike to your left, then position yourself as if you would strike at the same time to him, … Continue reading

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Swordwork #2: 3 edges w/ Triangle steps


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Balance Points for MS I.33

First Ward – Underarm   Second Ward – Right Shoulder Third Ward- Left Shoulder Fourth Ward – Overhead Fifth Ward – Right Side Sixth Ward – Breast Seventh Ward – Longpoint Half-shield

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Practice Notes: Why should I slice?

I don’t slice with most of my cuts. I know the slice is essential in cutting with a sword, without it you just have a ineffectual ax. But I’m using a blunt training weapon, surely it can’t matter. WRONG! It … Continue reading

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Longsword: Cuts from Alber

I’ve been working through my German Longsword workbook and have come to the realization that cuts from Alber can actually be quite fast. The trick is in how you prepare for the cut. It is tempting to completely leave Alber … Continue reading

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